WaterAid Bangladesh at Prix Jeunesse International 2014

Bangladesh’s educational programme, Jol Danga, gains international recognition at prestigious children’s TV festival.

20 Feb 2014

WaterAid Bangladesh's children’s programme, Jol Danga (‘Water and Earth’ in English) has been selected for screening at the prestigious Prix Jeunesse International Festival.

The Prix Jeunesse celebrates excellence in children’s television across the world. Jol Danga will now be screened at the festival in Munich, as part of its 2013/2014 ‘Quality in Children’s TV Worldwide’ selection.

Jol Danga follows six colourful puppet characters as their lives are affected by climate change, water, sanitation and hygiene issues. Each episode explores these with singing and dancing to help children understand the issues in a fun way.

Having drawn 1.2 million viewers in Bangladesh, the programme will now be circulated to children’s TV experts worldwide as part of the festival’s catalogue.

The PRIX Jeunesse International Festival runs from 30 May to 04 June 2014. For more information about the festival, visit: >

You can watch the first two episodes of Jol Danga below:

Jol Danga Ep1