WaterAid Bangladesh partners up to promote rainwater harvesting

Rainwater can be the cleanest naturally occurring water in areas such as Bangladesh, where groundwater can be scarce or contaminated.

1 Oct 2013

WaterAid Bangladesh has signed an agreement with the Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) to promote rainwater harvesting as a sustainable safe water source. As part of the agreement, we will support MIST’s curriculum on rainwater harvesting and management. For their part, MIST will establish a ‘rain centre’ as a focal point for disseminating knowledge about the technology.

The Head of Civil Engineering at MIST, Colonel Shah Md Muniruzzaman , and Country Representative of WaterAid Bangaladesh, Dr Khairul Islam, signed the agreement in September to mark the start of a three year partnership. However, it is expected that the partnership will be extended in the future.

Members of both organisations came together to sign the agreement at the MIST campus in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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