WaterAid responds to G8 progress report

Decision-makers must be more accountable on water, sanitation and hygiene says WaterAid’s Senior Policy Analyst, Daniel Yeo.

11 Jun 2013

Daniel Yeo, Senior Policy Analyst on Climate Change and Water Security at WaterAid, has responded to the G8's latest report on how it is delivering on its commitments.

"It's report time for the G8. The United Kingdom has just published the Lough Erne Accountability Report, reviewing the G8's delivery against its commitments. Our verdict? Must try harder.

"Don't get me wrong here, the Lough Erne report builds on previous years' reports – covering all of the G8's commitments to date this time. It's a valuable tool for holding leaders to account for their promises and a step towards restoring faith in international commitments. But it reports for the whole class and hides individual G8 members' performance – by reporting the G8 as a whole, those that are doing less well are sheltered from true accountability."

Read the full response on DevEx here 

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