WaterAid response to Bonn Declaration

WaterAid's Chief Executive, Barbara Frost, responds to the Bonn Declaration signed by 500 scientists

WaterAid welcomes the Bonn Declaration on Global Water Security which highlights mismanagement and overuse of water as severe long-term threats to human wellbeing.

Access to fresh water is under threat for future generations. Increasing demand, environmental degradation, extreme climate variability, climate change and population growth are growing pressures on water resources.

With one-in-ten of the worlds population without access to safe drinking water, this crisis is already playing itself out for hundreds of millions of people.

Water supply services can only be sustained if water resources and land are managed appropriately. In order to resolve this crisis theoretical solutions must be translated into urgent practical action.

Communities - alongside local and central government - can play a vital role in managing water resources, particularly in countries where local institutions are weak or capacity is lacking.

Given the tools and support, local communities can make more informed collective decisions and establish operating principles for responsible water usage.

More information on the important role of community institutions in water management can be found in Managing Water Locally.