World AIDS Day

Around the world, we will be standing in solidarity with people with HIV or AIDS on 1 December. Read our factsheet on how water and sanitation make a difference.


A global response to AIDS

This World AIDS Day, we are once again showing our support for the fight against HIV and AIDS. As a member of the STOPAIDS Network, we are proud to raise awareness of the issues faced by people living with HIV.

We have worked with the UK-based STOPAIDS Network, which brings together organisations across the world to respond to HIV and AIDS, to produce their first factsheet on the relationship between HIV and water and sanitation.

Safe water, sanitation and improved hygiene are crucial for the health of people living with HIV, who are more susceptible to water-related illnesses and six times more likely to suffer from diarrhoeal diseases. This can lead to malnutrition and dehydration as well as putting further strain on their ability to earn a living.

This is the first time the STOPAIDS Network has focussed on the integral links between WASH and HIV. Read the factsheet to learn more about the importance of clean water and safe sanitation to people living with HIV and AIDS.

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Lawayish Wonde: clean water and HIV