These photos vividly show the water, sanitation and hygiene crisis, before and after our work and can really help storytelling or make a poster you're designing come to life. For more information about our photo library, please contact Emily Graham, Picture Editor. 

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A woman stands beside a makeshift toilet.

Unhygienic toilets

In Motijharna slum, southern Bangladesh, Raju Begum is pictured next to an unhygienic makeshift latrine that she and her family use. Photographer credit: WaterAid/Juthika Howlader
A woman smiles with a toilet block behind her.

Best practice sanitation

Twelve year old Lima outside the latrine block in Kalshi Takar Baa slum, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Photographer credit: WaterAid/GMB Akash/Panos
A smiling child holds up a hygiene education card.

Hygiene education

Eleven year old Moushumi holding a hygiene education card in Kalshi Takar Baa slum, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Photographer credit: WaterAid/GMB Akash/Panos
Two children laughing in front of a mural of a boy washing his hands under a tap.

Good hygiene

Girls beside a hygiene education mural at Bekele Weya School, Kebele 7, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Photographer credit: WaterAid/Caroline Irby
Children wash their hands under an outdoor tap.

Practising good hygiene

Young girls in Sanankoro village, Mali, practise good hygiene by washing their hands in clean water from their new water points. Photographer credit: WaterAid/Layton Thompson
A child with water container on her head.

Difficult journeys to get water

Eveness Simeon's daughter Mtinsunge Simeaon, carrying a water container, Katoma village, Malawi. Photographer credit: WaterAid/Layton Thompson



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