Graphic from Everyone everywhere report

Everyone, everywhere by 203022 Mar 2013

Our new report Everyone, everywhere reveals how safe water, sanitation and hygiene are key to tackling poverty and promoting sustainable development.
World Walks for Water

Show your support: Walk for Water and Sanitation! 7 Mar 2013

The World Walks for Water and Sanitation is a global event demanding action to address the world’s largest crisis – water and sanitation. WaterAid country teams and offices from around the world will be supporting the event so why not join us?

Michael Ojo, Country representative, WaterAid Nigeris

Welcome to our new site!7 Mar 2013

Michael Ojo, Country Representative for WaterAid Nigeria, welcomes you to the new website and speaks about how this will help achieve out vision - to provide clean and safe water and sanitation to all.

Mary Acheo

"If I had clean water there would be no sickness"6 Mar 2013

Mary Acheo, 28, lives in Olo-Obande, a rural community in Ado local government area, Benue, north-central Nigeria. Mary makes and sells pap, a traditional food that requires a lot of water to make. But in Olo-Obande there is only one borehole, which is currently broken down.