Everyone, Everywhere 2030

WaterAid’s Global Strategy 2015-2020

Everyone, Everywhere 2030 - WaterAid's Global Strategy 2015-2020

Our global strategy designed to help reach everyone, everywhere with safe water, sanitation and hygiene by 2030.

We believe extreme poverty cannot be eradicated without universal access to these basic services. Everyone on our planet needs them to live healthy, dignified and productive lives.

Our strategy is designed to accelerate transformational change towards our vision of a world where everyone, everywhere has safe water, sanitation and hygiene.

We have four aims that will address the inequalities in access to water, sanitation and hygiene and assist in strengthening sustainable services. We will also work with others to integrate water, sanitation and hygiene into their plans and policies - such as the health and education sectors - and demonstrate the importance of water and sanitation to sustainable development. We will also have a strong focus on hygiene behaviour in order to drive demand and to maximise the benefits of having access to water and sanitation.


Everyone, Everywhere 2030 - WaterAid's Global Strategy 2015-2020
Partout et pour tous 2030 - Stratégie mondiale de WaterAid 2015-2020
Toda a gente, em todo o lado 2030 – Estratégia Global da WaterAid 2015-2020
Todos y todas, en todas partes, en el 2030 - Estrategia global de WaterAid 2015-2020