Call for proposals - rural sanitation approaches and costings analysis

WaterAid, UNICEF and Plan USA are seeking proposals for analysing rural sanitation approaches being used in the sector, with the aim of developing two practical guidance documents – one for costing programmes and one for developing approaches tailored to local situations.

7 Feb 2017

Terms of reference and call for proposals - rural sanitation approaches and costings analysis

Deadline: 20 February 2017

In the rural sanitation sector, there has been a shift over the past couple of decades towards demand-led approaches in the rural sanitation sector. Community-led approaches (CLTS) have predominated, but other approaches like sanitation marketing or smart subsidies have gained momentum more recently. However, there are still several common problems, such as insufficient recognition of their limitations or understanding of their relative performance. Approaches have sometimes rigid definitions and sometimes blurred ones, which stifles innovation, learning and opportunities to combine and tailor approaches to the changing contexts in which they operate. The cost of facilitating and delivering these approaches is often not well understood or estimated.

To address this, Plan International USA, WaterAid and UNICEF are starting a joint programme to review and consolidate existing evidence and experience on these issues, with an aim to develop guidance documents for rural sanitation programme policy-makers, planners and implementers.

The joint programme has three tasks:

  1. Review and analysis of rural sanitation approaches.
  2. Development of a (rural sanitation) costings guidance.
  3. Development of a (rural sanitation) approaches guidance.

At this stage, we are requesting proposals on the three tasks (<3,500 words) or on individual tasks (<2,000 words) by 20 February 2017.

Read more information in the ToR and call for proposal >