WaterAid's common approach to PMER of advocacy

WaterAid's common approach to PMER of advocacy 2 Feb 2017 | Country: International | Author: Kate Norgrove

WaterAid's common approach to PMER outlines key behaviours and the core commitments for all of WaterAid on how to achieve sustainable change at scale. The common approach is accompanied by a set of four tools, which can help ensure that PMER is effective and appropriate within the context of the organisation.

Disasters framework 11 Sep 2013 | Joanne Beale and Daniel Yeo

In the aftermath of a disaster, there is often a shortage of clean water, inadequate sanitation and poor hygiene practices. WaterAid isn’t a disaster relief organisation but our country teams have developed a clear framework for action to prepare for and deal with disasters in the areas where we work.
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Hygiene framework 18 Dec 2012 | Countries: International | Authors: Erik Harvey, Mara van den Bold and Richard Carter

Setting out a framework for hygiene promotion and behaviour change in the countries where WaterAid works.
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Water security framework 1 Jun 2012 | Country: International | Authors: Vincent Casey, Richard Carter and Dan Yeo

The Water Security Framework reflects our focus on water for basic human needs in low-income countries while acknowledging the importance of other water uses. It provides a generic set of concepts, approaches and commitments that our country programmes can adapt to fit their national contexts.
Equity and inclusion framework

Equity and inclusion framework 14 Sep 2011 | Louisa Gosling

The purpose of this framework is to help implement WaterAid's policy on equity and inclusion. It aims to: Provide a common understanding of equity and inclusion in relation to WASH; explain WaterAid's approach to equity and inclusion; and establish a common set of minimum standards and indicators as a basis for further work in specific countries or parts of the organisation.
Urban framework

Urban framework 14 Sep 2011 | WaterAid

Our urban framework sets out generic guidance for our urban work. It is being published widely to assist organisations involved in promoting and improving water, sanitation and hygiene in urban areas in low-income countries.
Sanitation framework

Sanitation framework 1 Jun 2011 | Countries: International | Richard Carter, Erik Harvey and Tom Palakudiyil

Setting out a framework for the enhancement of sanitation services in low-income countries.
Sustainability framework

Sustainability framework 5 May 2011 | Countries: International | Richard Carter, Vincent Casey and Erik Harvey

A framework document to provide guidance to country programmes, partner organisations and others in the sector on achieving sustainability in the provision of safe water sources in rural areas.