Juru Primary SchoolRwanda

Every cloud has a silver lining in the skies above Rwanda. A huge rainwater harvesting tank at Juru Primary School, built with WaterAid's support, provides a constant safe water supply to over 1,000 students.

In the past, children and their families had to make a three-hour round trip to collect water from a river that is not only dirty, but also inhabited by hippos and crocodiles in the rainy season.

Thankfully, they no longer have to make that journey, which means they are able to spend all day at school. Monique, one of the students (pictured above right), told us:

“We used to get dirty water from the lake. We would go to collect water before school and would bring water with us. There was never enough. Many times I would have to miss school.”

One of the children's teachers, Josephine Twizeyimana, said: "Now our students have clean water they have more time to study and we can have clean toilets and classrooms.” The children also attend a hygiene education club learning how to keep themselves and the school clean.

Eugenie Mukankundiye, the hygiene teacher, commented: “The water has been like a miracle for us – the children are very clean now.”

This project has caught the attention of the Rwandan Government and we are working with them on plans to roll out similar technology to schools across the country.