Open Defecation Free (ODF)

Since 2006, Nepal has witnessed a real momentum to ensure that individual districts are Open Defecation Fee. Just seven years later, 800 villages out of 3915, seven municipalities out of 58 and seven districts out of 75 are declared ODF.

Yet even with this page of change, we are still far behind on where we should be to meet the agreed target of ending sanitation poverty by 2017. Without intervention, we cannot expect to see an ODF Nepal before 2143.

WaterAid Nepal is part of a national campaign to accelerate the rate at which districts are declaring ODF. As part of the campaign we have used a range of tactics to engage members of the public and decision makers including using popular celebrities like Miss Nepal to bring the message home.

Menstrual hygiene

Menstrual hygiene and management is a neglected priority in Nepal. Because of stigma and taboo, many women and girls face significant challenges in their daily lives.

We have been advocating for more and better resources to be given to address menstrual hygiene by meeting and lobbying Government officials at a national and regional level.

Because talking about menstruation practices is still considered taboo in much of Nepal, a big part of the campaign focuses on being able to discuss the issue in public. We’ve undertaken a range of activities to raise the profile of advocating on menstrual hygiene including an art exhibition in 2011.

Sanitation in school

Around twenty-eight thousands government schools are in operation across Nepal but among these, only 64% of the schools have adequate toilet facilities. Worse than this, only 40% have facilities for girls to use. Whilst the Government sets a target of one toilet for every 50 pupils, in some areas this is closer to 150.

Providing adequate sanitation makes an incredible difference to school attendance and is critical to delivering the vision of an open defecation free Nepal. We work with local partners to help them advocate for better sanitation to be installed a school and district level .