Organisations we campaign with

End Water Poverty

End Water Poverty is a growing international campaign calling for action to address the global sanitation and water crisis. We regularly take part in the annual World Walks for Water and Sanitation campaign and have recently joined the Keep Your Promises campaign which we are part of through our national "Let’s keep our promises" campaign.

Find out more on the End Water Poverty website >

Nepal Public Health Association (NePHA)

We have campaigned together with health professionals through NePHA since 2010 to ensure the water, sanitation and hygiene are recognized as determinants of public health.

Slum and Squatter Dwellers

We regularly working with slums and squatter federations at a local level to ensure that slum dwellers care given a voice in national and regional level detbates.

Miss Nepal and other celebrities

We have strong links with popular national figures including the Miss Nepal competition. The annual winner’s support for our campaign efforts is a very effective way of reaching the Nepalese public and has helped to raise the profile of many campaigns we are a part of. We have also worked with the Nepalese national poet to produce a sanitation song which was broadcasted nationwide and became a popular mobile phone ringtone.