Raise a hand for hygiene panel discussion 27 Oct 2015

We hosted a panel discussion in partnership with London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) and the SHARE Consortium. The panel was held on 14 October at LSHTM where the panel sought to identify common actions for government, researchers, practitioners, private sector actors and donors to address the need for improving handwashing with soap.

WaterAid briefing on Global Goals indicators

WaterAid briefing on Global Goal indicators 21 Oct 2015

To achieve “Global Goal 6: Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all” and other related goals, WaterAid is calling for the following changes to proposed Inter-Agency and Expert Group (IAEG) indicators.
Hand hygiene in health-care facilities

Hand hygiene in health-care facilities 20 Oct 2015 | Megan Wilson-Jones

This briefing highlights key factors to consider when developing strategies to improve hand hygiene in health-care settings, based on WHO guidelines, recent systematic reviews and WaterAid's policy and programmatic experience.

Interlinkages and post-2015 global indicators

Interlinkages and post-2015 global indicators 18 Sep 2015 | Beyond 2015

This paper outlines Beyond 2015’s position on how member states should formulate indicators to ensure that the sustainable development framework targets are effectively linked. This paper was written by the Beyond 2015 indicators task team led by WaterAid.

Climate finance and water security WaterAid report

Climate finance and water security WaterAid briefing 12 Aug 2015 | A WaterAid report

Today’s climate variability threatens the lives and prosperity of people across many of the countries where WaterAid works, along with other challenges such as rapid urbanisation, high inequality and changing land use. Climate change will worsen these existing challenges. A new Briefing note by Louise Whiting, WaterAid’s Senior Policy Analyst for Water Security and Climate Change, explains what we plan to do to address this threat.

OPM report cover

Climate finance and water security 12 Aug 2015 | Oxford Policy Management

WaterAid is working hard to ensure that a portion of the US $100 billion committed to climate change every year from 2020 (known as climate finance) is directed towards the essential services – such as water, sanitation and hygiene – that poor people need to be resilient to change. We commissioned Oxford Policy Management to conduct new research into how climate finance has been spent so far, and whether or not it has been spent on improving people’s water security. The reports include three country case studies in Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Zambia, an Inception Report and a Synthesis Report.

WaterAid and climate change report

WASH and climate change 11 Aug 2015 | A WaterAid report

This December, world leaders will negotiate new binding obligations on all countries to act on climate change meet in Paris under the auspices of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. This report (in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese) focuses on the role that sustainable WASH services play in enhancing climate resilience.
Report on Ethiopian Government and WaterAid side event.

Report on Ethiopian Government and WaterAid side event at the Third International Conference on Financing for Development in Addis Ababa 11 Aug 2015

The Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and WaterAid brought together a panel of experts at the Third International Conference on FfD3 in Addis Ababa to discuss rapid urbanisation and climate change, financing sustainable and resilient infrastructure in developing countries. Read the panellists’ debate around the critical need to provide sustainable and resilient infrastructure for water, sanitation and other sectors within the context of rapid urbanisation and climate change.