Mozambique Country Programme Evaluation

Mozambique Country Programme Evaluation 12 Jan 2016 | WaterAid

The Mozambique Country Programme works with Government partners at central, provincial, municipal and district levels, and with a number of non-governmental partners in civil society and academia.

Tanzania Country Programme Evaluation

Tanzania Country Programme Evaluation 12 Jan 2016 | WaterAid

WaterAid has operated in Tanzania since 1983 and its current Country Strategy (2011-16) targets 546,000 people for safe drinking water, 402,000 for improved sanitation, 330,000 for hygiene behaviour change and 3.6 million for influencing work.

Releasing the flow report thumbnail

Releasing the flow 9 Dec 2015 | WaterAid and other authors

WaterAid’s new report ‘Releasing the Flow’ concentrates on capacity to use available funds for water, sanitation and hygiene in five countries in Sub-Saharan Africa – Ethiopia, Mozambique, Rwanda, South Africa and Uganda. Based on research by Development Finance International, the analysis suggests effective leadership from government – at national, regional and local levels – is a key factor for success.
Undoing inequity document screenshot

Undoing Inequity 2 Dec 2015 | WaterAid and other authors

The Undoing Inequity research aims to understand and address the barriers that disabled, older and chronically ill people face when accessing water, sanitation and hygiene services in Zambia and Uganda.
The Global Goals toolkit

Global Goals toolkit 25 Oct 2016

This toolkit provides an update on the UN Global Goals, the role of WASH as an essential component of an integrated approach to tackling poverty, hunger, health and inequality and to aid advocacy work aimed at achieving Global Goal 6.
Undernutrition and water, sanitation and hygiene

Undernutrition and water, sanitation and hygiene 11 Nov 2015 | Tim Brewer

Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) play a fundamental role in improving nutritional outcomes. A successful global effort to tackle undernutrition must include WASH.