We employ 750 people in 31 countries investing in our people is vital to the success of our work. We are committed to being an inclusive organisation.

WaterAid Nepal works in both urban and rural communities across 28 districts to help improve water sanitation and hygiene facilities.

We collaborate with local people to make sure the solutions we use are appropriate and affordable for the local environment.

Country Representative's Team

The Country Representative for Nepal has overall responsibility for the work of the programme. The team is responsible for handling external relationships and sharing and documenting learning.

Programme Teams - Rural and Urban

The team monitors the successes and areas for improvement within our work at the project level and ensures that high standards are maintained. 

Research and Advocacy Teams

The team leads our research and advocacy work and is responsible for intervention for positive changes on policy, financing and practice by collecting evidence through research. The team works to amplify the voice and importance of access to water, sanitation and hygiene through campaigns and media engagement for publicity. 

Planning and Monitoring Team

The team support planning, monitoring and evaluation of projects and assess the progress and impact of our work. 

Finance, Administration and Human Resources Team

The team is responsible for the financial management of the programme and checking on our partners' finances. The team also looks after the handling of overall administrative and human resources tasks. 

Centre for Integrated Urban Development (CIUD)

A Civil Society Organisation that supports governments to develop long-lasting solutions for urban environments.

Environment and Public Health Organisation (ENPHO)

ENPHO focuses on research for community development and promotes eco-friendly technologies.

Federation of Drinking Water and Sanitation Users Nepal (FEDWASUN)

An umbrella organisation for water and sanitation groups in Nepal, providing drinking water and sanitation services to communities and advocating for people's rights.

Lumanti Support Group for Shelter (LUMANTI)

Lumanti focuses on relieving urban poverty by improving living conditions in Nepal.

Nepal Water For Health (NEWAH)

NEWAH works to provide clean drinking water, hygiene promotion and sanitation in rural communities of Nepal, linking their service delivery work with the right to access in improved facilities. 

Urban Environment and Management Society (UEMS)

UEMS is dedicated to improving urban environments and people's health by increasing their access to safe water and sanitation.