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Swaziland's first Joint Sector Review

Joint Sector Reviews (JSRs) are widely recognised as features of best practice in the water and sanitation sector landscape, helping to strengthen governance, accountability, harmonisation, and aiding decision-making. This learning note documents the process and lessons learned in supporting the Government of Swaziland to deliver their first Joint Sector Review for the water and sanitation sector, and highlights some of the issues and principles of relevance for wider sector learning.

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Nepal Joint Sector Reviews

Formal, participatory review cycles such as Joint Sector Reviews (JSR) are one of the building blocks of an effective WASH sector. A Joint Sector Review (JSR) process was established in Nepal in 2011 to assess sector performance and policy constraints, and to promote the concept of a sector-wide approach in the WASH sector.

Monitoring results of complex systems

Significant sector change will be required to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and associated targets, which encompass both universality and sustainability. This paper synthesises the findings of a WaterAid study into current donor thinking on measuring sector progress towards developing sustained WASH services, and the degree to which donors are embracing aspects of systems thinking in their approaches. It also offers recommendations for additional exploration and collaboration.

ODI report

Progressing aid effectiveness in the WASH sector

This study investigated how the monitoring of efforts to address aid effectiveness and accountability processes in the WASH sector globally and nationally can help strengthen incentives to address the challenges.