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Displaced people in Mali.

Sustainable WASH even when the going gets tough – lessons from Mali
8 July 2016 | Mamadou Diarafa Diallo 

In the past four years, Mali has gone from peace to crisis, and violence and disruption have undone hard-won progress in WASH and development. As the country nears the end of its state of emergency period, Mamadou Diarafa Diallo, WaterAid Mali’s Country Representative, looks at how the sustainability agenda has fared in a time of extreme upheaval.

A woman walks through rubble where houses stood.

Post-earthquake Nepal: rebuilding WASH facilities, rebuilding a nation
2 February 2016 | Pragya Lamsal

Nine months since the first of two devastating earthquakes hit Nepal, Pragya Lamsal, Communications Officer at WaterAid Nepal, assesses the progress of WASH facilities being rebuilt in affected areas and why this is an important opportunity to ‘build back better’.

Nepal earthquake impact

The race against time for aid in Nepal
27 May 2015 | Carolynne Wheeler

One month ago, a massive earthquake shook Nepal – and set back by decades the country’s progress in lifting its people out of poverty. Carolynne Wheeler, WaterAid’s News Manager, who joined the relief effort, describes how the disaster has affected people’s access to Nepal’s fragile water and sanitation services.

Impact of Nepal earthquake in Kathmandu

Nepal earthquake: dealing with the disaster
1 May 2015 | Arjen Naafs

On Saturday 25 April, a devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, killing over 6,000 people and leaving thousands more injured. WaterAid's Technical Advisor for South Asia, Arjen Naafs, is currently in Nepal and leading WaterAid's emergency response.

Parched land

The known unknowns of climate change
23 Sep 2014 | Barbara Frost

Our Chief Executive, Barbara Frost, highlights how climate change’s impact will be felt most by the very poorest communities.

Risking it all – the SDGs and climate change

Risking it all – the SDGs and climate change
8 April 2014 | Louise Whiting

Published on devex. The release of the fifth report by the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change highlights the impact on the hundreds of millions of people currently perched on the precipice of a better life — who, if we fail to curb carbon emissions and assist them in adapting, risk being dragged further into poverty.

Justinea Nasanga and her family at a pre-intervention WaterAid site at Makere 3 slum, Kampala, Uganda

Dealing with disasters
22 Nov 2014 | Joanne Beale

We live in a world where disasters happen. The combination of a hazards, such a cyclones or earthquakes, and vulnerability leads to disasters. There are often underlying root causes of disaster vulnerability such as poverty, inequality or marginalisation.

Cyclone Mahasen

Cyclone Mahasen devastates coastal town in Bangladesh
20 May 2013 | WaterAid

A tropical storm has lashed coastal areas of Bangladesh, killing 12 people, destroying thousands of huts and forcing up to a million people to flee. The WaterAid team in Bangladesh have sent us this update.