WaterAid resources


Disasters framework

This framework sets out how WaterAid and our partners develop effective strategies for disaster work. It is derived from the Global Strategy and provides the driving principles and minimum commitments that WaterAid will follow globally.

Climate change and WaterAid briefing noteClimate change and WaterAid

This briefing note looks at how climatic variability and long-term climate change affect WaterAid’s work. It explains our approach and provides links to useful resources.

Country resources

2015 Nepal earthquakes: Lessons from WaterAid's response


2015 Nepal earthquake: lessons from WaterAid's response

After two major earthquakes struck Nepal, WaterAid provided emergency water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) support to communities. Having our staff and projects affected so deeply and deploying an emergency response are both exceptional events for WaterAid, so we conducted a learning review in September 2015. This brief presents the key lessons.

Other resources

Disaster risk reduction and WASH Disaster risk reduction and WASH

The Global WASH Cluster coordinates efforts during disasters and has published this comprehensive booklet to guide disaster risk reduction.

Hyogo framework for actionHyogo framework for action

This ten-year plan to protect the world’s poorest communities from natural hazards has guided disaster risk reduction efforts globally. Work is ongoing to create a new post-2015 framework.