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WaterAid India staff.

The journey to WaterAid India
23 May 2016 | Neeraj Jain and Pallavi Chaturvedi and Avinash Kumar

This year, WaterAid India becomes our first country office to transition to being a member country. Find out how this was achieved, and look to the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Handwashing in India

Indicating the SDGs: our concerns and proposals
25 Mar 2015 | Tim Brewer

This week the third Inter-Governmental Negotiations (IGN) meeting to discuss the post-2015 agenda convenes in New York. As member states discuss the actual goals and targets, and the indicators which will be used to measure success, WaterAid’s Policy Analyst - Monitoring & Accountability, Tim Brewer, looks at our top three concerns about the final outcomes, and offers our alternatives.

Gabriel de Silva on the half kilometer hike that he has to make twice daily to procure the water that he and his wife Adalina require for cooking, drinking and washing, Camalelara, East Timor.

Water and sanitation report card: slow progress, inadequate funding
24 Nov 2015 | Tim Brewer

WaterAid Policy Analyst Tim Brewer looks at the sobering picture of water and sanitation services provided by the World Health Organization’s report the Global Analysis and Assessment of Sanitation and Drinking Water (GLAAS), produced by UN Water.