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Swaziland's first Joint Sector Review

Joint Sector Reviews (JSRs) are widely recognised as features of best practice in the water and sanitation sector landscape, helping to strengthen governance, accountability, harmonisation, and aiding decision-making. This learning note documents the process and lessons learned in supporting the Government of Swaziland to deliver their first Joint Sector Review for the water and sanitation sector, and highlights some of the issues and principles of relevance for wider sector learning.

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Nepal Joint Sector Reviews

Formal, participatory review cycles such as Joint Sector Reviews (JSR) are one of the building blocks of an effective WASH sector. A Joint Sector Review (JSR) process was established in Nepal in 2011 to assess sector performance and policy constraints, and to promote the concept of a sector-wide approach in the WASH sector.

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Political Economy Analysis (PEA) toolkit

The PEA toolkit provides a structured approach for analysing how change happens; from the national to the local level. It can help shape our country strategies, programmes and even ‘everyday’ decisions.

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Think local, act local

This report is a synthesis of analyses in 12 developing countries. It seeks to identify some of the key blockages and systemic weaknesses that prevent development finance from reaching the local authorities responsible for delivering services to some of the world’s poorest communities.

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Think local, act local II

The second in a series of reports based on research focusing on sanitation and hygiene financing. This follow-up aims to provide a more complete picture of WASH financing at local level through analysing local budgets and financing mechanisms.

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Local government financing in Ghana

A report focusing on the financing of water and sanitation in Bongo District Assembly, Ghana. It highlights that, although decentralisation reforms have given district assemblies the mandate to deliver water and sanitation services to people at local level, they rarely have enough predictable resources to do so.

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Local government financing in Ethiopia

This report is based on research on local government financing for water and sanitation in poorly served areas of Ethiopia. The local area studied was Tenna woreda, but the findings are supported by other WaterAid research in Benishangul-Gumuz and Oromiya.

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Aid compacts built around national plans

A discussion paper looking at how the Global Framework for Action on Sanitation and Water can support country-led processes to improve targeting of finances with better planning and more effective use.

Total sanitation coverage in East Asia

Total sanitation coverage in East Asia

This discussion paper sets out some preliminary findings from ongoing research in East Asian states on the political economy of sanitation and hygiene services that delivered total coverage within a generation.

Other resources

Pathways to Progress

Pathways to progress

Transitioning to country-led service delivery pathways to meet Africa’s water supply and sanitation targets.
Published by The Water and Sanitation Program (WSP).