These posters can help you spread the word about the campaign. For example you could print and display one in your staff room if there is space to do this.

Healthy Start: Healthcare for all poster

Healthcare for all

Clean water, toilets and good hygiene are fundamental to delivering good quality healthcare for all patients.

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Share these films to promote the campaign.

A midwife in Tanzania holding a baby.

Parallel Lives: experience life as a midwife

This interactive film allows you to experience a day in the life of a midwife in the UK, and in Tanzania, showing the difference that access to clean, safe water, sanitation and hygiene can make in a maternity ward.

The Ultimate Pregnancy Test

The Ultimate Pregnancy Test

For millions of women around the world, pregnancy is a time of fear and uncertainty, because delivering without access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene means a deadly risk of infection for them and their baby.

Aisha, Lugono, Tanzania.

Aisha's story

Aisha, from Lugono in Tanzania, recently lost her newborn son to a suspected infection just five days after his birth.

Doris with her ten-month-old twins in Mlali, Tanzania.

Doris's story

Doris talks about her personal experience of maternal health in Tanzania.