Healthcare professionals are at the frontline of delivering essential healthcare to society – the newborn, the sick and the old.

But we often lack the most basic means to keep our patients safe – clean water, toilets and the means to maintain hygiene.

That's why we've teamed up with other health professionals around the world because we know:

  • Clean water, toilets and good hygiene are fundamental to delivering quality healthcare for all patients.
  • Without them, millions of newborn babies and mothers are at risk from life-threatening preventable infections every year.
  • Better water and sanitation services in healthcare facilities make for a better, and safer, working environment and a healthier and happier workforce.

Take action now in the campaign for quality healthcare for all by 2030:

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Show your support on Universal Health Coverage Day 2016

Universal Health Coverage Day on 12 December has become the annual rallying point for the growing movement for health for all.

We care passionately about universal health coverage because successful efforts to improve healthcare for all also focus on public health issues. Getting universal heath coverage right means addressing the fundamentals of good health – things like clean water, adequate sanitation and good hygiene.

Send a letter about Universal Health Coverage Day 2016

Raising the visibility of this issue in the media is a great way to show safe water, decent toilets and handwashing are crucial for healthy lives. Contact the editor of your leading national newspaper and show your support for health for all.

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Contact your elected representative about Universal Health Coverage Day 2016

Your elected representative can be a powerful ally to highlight the role of clean water, safe toilets and handwashing for delivering healthy lives. Contact your elected representative and show your support for universal health coverage.

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