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Girls celebrate the newly-built latrine at their schools in Kibuku District, Uganda, which was funded by H&M Foundation.

WaterAid at 40th WEDC Conference
20 July 2017 | Aditi Chandak 

Academics and practitioners working in the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector will attend the annual WEDC International Conference, hosted by Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC) at Loughborough University on 24–28 July. Aditi Chandak, WaterAid’s Learning and Knowledge Advisor, introduces the range of topics WaterAid will cover at the 40th WEDC International Conference.

A boy having his face washed. Clean hands, clean faces free of mucus, and clean homesteads eliminate trachoma.  Eliminating blinding trachoma through focus on gender and WASH
16 February 2017 | James Kiyimba 

Trachoma is the most common cause of preventable blindness, damaging the lives of millions of the world’s poorest people, and disproportionately affecting women. James Kiyimba of WaterAid Uganda looks at the gender perspective of the disease, and WaterAid’s role in the race to eliminate trachoma by 2020.

Gastenen Muotcha (left), the Clinical Officer at Linyangwa Health Centre in Kasungu, Malawi, with his colleagues. Happy second anniversary Healthy Start
9 February 2017 | Dan Jones

WaterAid’s global advocacy priority, Healthy Start, aims to improve newborn and child health by integrating water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) into health policy and practice. Dan Jones, WaterAid’s Advocacy Coordinator, reflects on our progress so far.

A baby is weighed at Linyangwa Health Centre, Kasungu, Malawi, September 2016.No longer business as usual – Deliver Life project
7 February 2017 | Abigail Nyaka

In Malawi pregnant women face one of the world’s highest maternal mortality rates. Abigail Nyaka, Programme Officer for Soapbox at WaterAid Malawi, describes the context of Deliver Life – WaterAid’s project to bridge the gap between government efforts and improved maternal and newborn health with improved access to water, sanitation and hygiene.

A midwife washing her hands at a clinic in rural Cambodia.

Six steps towards clean health-care settings in Cambodia
21 Oct 2016 | Channa Sam Ol

Channa Sam Ol, WASH and Health Program Manager for WaterAid Cambodia, describes how the team is working to put water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) at the centre of improvements to health-care facilities.

"We don’t have water in school so I only drink water before and after school.” Bienvenu, 5, from Miarinarivo village, Madagascar.

Back to school WASH: where's the missing link?
6 September 2016 | Om Prasad Gautam and Ada Oko-Williams 

September is synonymous with a return to the classroom. As children across the world go back to school, Om Prasad Gautam, Technical Support Manager for Hygiene at WaterAid UK, and Ada Oko-Williams, Technical Support Manager for Sanitation at WaterAid UK, discuss what has been lacking in our approach to ensuring access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in schools, and how we can make a bigger impact.

Children using the Happy Tap at school.

Beyond hardware: how a portable sink can inspire behaviour change
28 June 2016 | Geoff Revell at WaterSHED 

Despite having a cheap and simple fix that could prevent millions of deaths, how to encourage handwashing has puzzled WASH sector experts for years. The rate of handwashing with soap after using the toilet is still estimated to be only 16%. So how do we get people to wash their hands? Geoff Revell, Program Director at WaterAid partner NGO WaterSHED, explains how development of the HappyTap sheds light on new ways to target behaviour.

Girls collecting grass.

Menstrual hygiene: rising up the global agenda
02 June 2016 | Thérèse Mahon 

Thérèse Mahon, WaterAid’s Interim Head of Region for South Asia, explains our approach to promoting menstrual hygiene management and ensuring that all women and girls can manage their periods safely and with dignity.

A woman playing cricket.

Let's talk menstruation!
26 May 2016 | Arundati Muralidharan

Arundati Muralidharan, Policy Manager for WASH in Schools, Health and Nutrition at WaterAid India, marks Menstrual Hygiene Day with a look at what's needed to empower girls and women to take control.

Maria washes herself at the river near her home. Nicaragua, 2015.

Beyond business as usual for handwashing
26 May 2016 | Om Prasad Gautam and Hannah Woodburn

This April, WaterAid, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and the Global Public-Private Partnership for Handwashing co-sponsored the 2016 Annual Handwashing Think Tank. Om Prasad Gautam, WaterAid’s Technical Support Manager for Hygiene, and Hanna Woodburn, Secretariat Director at the Global Public-Private Partnership for Handwashing, present new thinking and the key topics discussed.

Child washing hands.

Handwashing and hygiene: measuring behaviour change
29 Oct 2015 | Om Prasad Gautam

Handwashing with soap is a highly cost-effective public health intervention, but the questions of how to deliver successful behaviour change and how to monitor its effectiveness remain unanswered. WaterAid’s Technical Support Manager Om Prasad Gautam explores the issue.

A child washes their hands at Government Higher Secondary Girls' School, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India.

World record washing: Spreading hygiene awareness on a massive scale
16 Jul 2015 | Anil Cherukupalli

With diarrhoea still one of the world’s deadliest illnesses, new ways to spread good hygiene habits as far as possible are increasingly necessary. Anil Cherukupalli, WaterAid India’s Media and Communications Manager, recounts how one local government reached millions with a bold, record breaking idea.

Karat clinic in Konso, Ethiopia where doctors practice daily without access to clean water.

Making WASH count
14 Nov 2014 | Ross Bailey

WaterAid UK’s Campaigns Officer Ross Bailey introduces our new briefing paper on the link between WASH and health, and discusses why the health sector must address water, sanitation and hygiene in the Sustainable Development Goals.

Balkumari Karki, 11, filing water pot from the open water source. Sajbote Siruwani, Hardeni VDC, Udayapur, Nepal, Sep 2014

When the food we give our children could kill them
7 Apr 2015 | Om Prasad Gautam

This World Health Day, Om Prasad Gautam, WaterAid’s Technical Support Manager for Hygiene, highlights the vital importance of safe water, sanitation and hygiene in food safety.

Boy from Madagascar washing face in clean water

Making the link between toilets, hygiene and health
13 Oct 2014 | Yael Velleman

Yael Velleman, WaterAid UK’s Senior Policy Analyst, reports back on a meeting of the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust Trachoma Initiative, where the links between sanitation, hygiene and health were used to design a plan for eliminating blinding trachoma in Malawi.