Optimisation of a low-cost urine treatment system for resource recovery

Water Innovators

WaterAid's signature employee development challenge is an exciting programme that enables employees of our corporate partners to develop their professional and core business skills. Participants propose innovative solutions to real problems faced by WaterAid, create business pitches and raise funds for their project, culminating in an awards event.

Other resources

Knowledge Point logoKnowledge Point

The Knowledge Point platform enables WASH development and humanitarian specialists to share questions and answers to specific problems related to water, sanitation and hygiene. WaterAid has helped design and develop the platform over the past two years, alongside Practical Action, RedR UK, EngineerAid, WASHCost and IRC.

SoPHE Young Engineers Award 2015

Since 2010, WaterAid has been involved with the Young Engineers Award, a prize given annually at the Society of Public Health Engineers in London. The aim of the award is to provide a focus on the next generation of engineers within the field of public health engineering.

Water Point Mapper

The Water Point Mapper is a free tool for producing maps showing the status of water supply services. It is aimed at water, sanitation, hygiene practitioners as well as local governments working at the district and sub-district levels in Sub-Saharan Africa. The Mapper has been designed for use in situations where there is no internet connectivity.