National and sub-national monitoring and accountability

In the countries where we work, monitoring of WASH access and service levels is often limited. In many cases, the systems in place for WASH monitoring are under-resourced, lack accurate and up to date information, and are fragmented. They rarely include comprehensive information on the service levels that users receive.

Without reliable data, governments and other service providers cannot make the necessary improvements to national and local services. Service users and civil society groups cannot hold providers to account or call for improved access and service levels where they are lacking.

These challenges must be addressed to achieve the Global Goal to reach everyone everywhere by 2030. Monitoring systems at national and local level need to be robust, easy and affordable to update. We identify existing gaps and support the flow of information in the countries where we work to ensure national, and therefore global, targets can be met.

WASH Global Goal 6 monitoring will require the strengthening of countries’ sector monitoring systems so that data is fit for tracking progress towards national targets, and can also be aggregated to inform regional and global monitoring. Developments in information technology are now making it easier to collect, analyse, use and share information in many instances but challenges still remain in relation to affordable updating and use of data for decision making.