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The water point mapping updating methology document thumbnailThe water point mapping updating methodology

Accurate information on water points is critical in order to provide sufficient data for planning and budgeting. Clarity of data means that it can be used to identify priority areas for investment as well as ensuring sustainability of existing water point infrastructure. This guide reflects WaterAid's Tanzania's experience in pioneering water point mapping updating in Tanzania.

Strategic review of WaterAid's water point mapping in East Africa

Water Point Mapping (WMP) is a tool for monitoring the distribution and status of water points and can be used to inform planning of investments to improve water supply coverage. We publish our four-yearly independent country programme evaluations for transparency and accountability. This analysis provides the basis for strategic recommendations for WaterAid's future strategies, and identification of entry points for future engagement at country and regional levels. 

Other resources

Making All Voices Count - Policy brief

This policy brief provides recommendations for governments and organisations planning to develop ICT initiatives to improve the sustainability of rural water supply.