11 - 13 January 2016, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Taking place in January 2016, the sixth SACOSAN (South Asian Conference on Sanitation) completes over a decade of regional mobilisation on sanitation.

It also aligns with the start of the new global agenda to end poverty by 2030 and ensure universal access to sanitation.

The conferences have been instrumental in raising the political profile of sanitation and convening the sector to share good practice, report on progress and identify gaps.

The commitments made by governments through the SACOSAN declarations have recognised sanitation as a human right and solidified the region’s ambition to ensure everyone everywhere in South Asia has sanitation and hygiene services.

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What we're calling for

Governments need to step up their efforts to deliver on their ambitions towards universal access. Specifically, we are calling for governments and development partners in the region to agree on four commitments:

  1. Prioritise the poorest and most marginalised on the path towards delivering sanitation and hygiene for everyone everywhere by 2030.
  2. Approach sanitation holistically, with specific focus on hygiene behaviour change, inclusion, maintenance and sustainability, across the entire sanitation chain.
  3. Improve sanitation in public institutions, including adequate provision of hygiene, ensuring accessibility, inclusiveness (including Menstrual Hygiene Management-friendly facilities), cleanliness and maintenance.
  4. Strengthen institutions and finance by developing and regularly reviewing policies and implementing credible and effective plans to accelerate progress towards universal access by 2030, accompanied by effective monitoring systems.

Sanitation and Water for All's Four Collaborative Behaviours Sanitation and Water for All's Four Collaborative Behaviours

We are also calling for donors, international agencies and NGOs to adhere to the collaborative behaviours proposed by the Sanitation and Water for All partnership, in order to effectively build the systems and capacities needed to deliver sustainable sanitation and hygiene services for all:

  1. Enhance government leadership of sector planning processes.
  2. Strengthen and use country systems.
  3. Use one information and mutual accountability platform.
  4. Build sustainable water and sanitation sector financing strategies.

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SACOSAN is a government-led biennial convention which provides a platform for stakeholders to interact on sanitation policy and practice.

The conferences are intended to develop a regional agenda on sanitation, enabling learning from past experiences and setting actions for the future.

SACOSAN’s objectives are to accelerate progress in sanitation and hygiene promotion in South Asia and to enhance the quality of people’s lives.

The SACOSAN process is instrumental in generating political will towards better sanitation in the region.

Participating countries in the conferences are: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

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