Our approach

Together with our partners, we work with governments, utility companies, community-based organisations, businesses and entrepreneurs, and local people to improve access to sanitation services. To ensure improvements are sustainable, we promote behaviour change and work with communities to review various sanitation options so they can make informed decisions about which best meets their needs. We address the entire sanitation chain to make sure human waste is safely managed, including transportation or storage, treatment, and disposal or re-use.

As with safe water, we prioritise the poorest and most marginalised people when improving access to sanitation, to ensure no-one is denied this basic human right – only if entire communities use safe toilets will people’s health, livelihoods and wellbeing be improved.

But ensuring adequate sanitation for all takes more than building latrines or motivating communities. We use our experience of delivering services to help governments and service providers identify blockages and improvements in their sanitation service delivery systems. Our aim is to contribute to a strong sanitation sector around the world, so that everyone, everywhere has sustainable access to a safe toilet.

Through our advocacy and campaigns, we call on governments nationally and internationally to make sanitation a political priority and deliver on their commitment to end open defecation and ensure safe and equitable sanitation for all by 2030, part of the Sustainable Development Goals. We raise awareness of the fact that improvements in sanitation are key to the success of many other areas of development – health, environment, education, housing and infrastructure.”