About the Sustainable Development Summit

The 70th session of the UN General Assembly and the UN Sustainable Development Summit (SDS) takes place from 25 - 27 September 2015.

Following three years of consultation and negotiation, member states formally adopted the Sustainable Development framework and Global Goals on 25 September 2015.

WaterAid at the SDS

We have consistently advocated for a goal on achieving universal access to water and sanitation, and ambitious targets on WASH, to be included in the Sustainable Development framework. We are delighted that the framework will include Goal 6 for water and sanitation, and will be attending the summit to catalyse action on this agenda.

World leaders, heads of UN agencies and leading civil society figures will attend a number of formal sessions and informal side events to discuss how we can implement the framework to eradicate extreme poverty and ensure sustainable development by 2030.

We are calling for member states at the summit to:

  • Acknowledge that universal access to water and sanitation by 2030 can be measured and achieved.
  • Recognise that the targets are interdependent and that there can be no end to extreme poverty, preventable child mortality or gender inequality without tackling WASH. 
  • Commit to deliver on the goals and explain how they'll deliver them – including concrete political commitments to the Sanitation and Water for All partnership.
  • Establish how all elements of Goal 6 will be measured, with all member states to include an indicator for hygiene in the measurement framework. 

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WaterAid India staff stand in the shape of the number of six.

Goal 6 is official: A roundup of a momentous weekend at UNGA

Following three years of consultation and negotiation, member states formally adopted the Sustainable Development framework and Global Goals on 25 September 2015, including – for the very first time – a goal on water and sanitation. Here's a roundup of events. 

François, 71 years old, and Ranary, 35, from Ampilanonana village supporting Global Goal six 'Clean water and sanitation', Madagascar.

Blog: Washing our hands of poverty

WaterAid’s Regional Advocacy Manager, Apollos Nwafor contemplates the challenges we face to ensure the goals are implemented and monitored effectively after the Sustainable Development Summit.

WaterAid is delighted to work with member states and other non-state actors to promote the role of water and sanitation in the post-2015 framework.

We were formally involved in the following events:

What does SDG integration look like in practice? Why quality health care is reliant on access to water, sanitation and hygiene

Saturday 26 September, Convene Park Avenue, 14:00 - 16:00 

Alongside the missions of France and Japan and organised by the Global Health Council (GHC), we are sponsoring this event with the support of the GE Foundation, Intrahealth, Frontline Health Workers Coalition and partners. It seeks to highlight the importance of an integrated approach to the implementation of the new SDGs.

While safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) are well reflected in the SDGs in Goal 6, in partnership with GHC we will look at the the importance of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) to health outcomes. The event will examine practical steps to deliver on the promise of a unified Sustainable Development agenda by looking at how we can better integrate health care and WASH.

Making it happen: ending inequalities and ensuring sanitation, water and hygiene for all as a basis for achieving the SDGs

Tuesday 29 September, UNHQ, 13:15 - 14:30

We are supporting this event alongside UN Water, Unicef, the Women for Water Partnership and the Sanitation and the Water for All partnership. It is co-sponsored by the governments of South Africa, the Netherlands, Hungary and Bangladesh. It will focus on three core objectives:

  1. Celebrating the ambition and vision of the SDG agenda, and the central role of water, sanitation and hygiene.
  2. Reflecting on the ways in which eliminating inequalities and ensuring access to water, sanitation and hygiene are a crucial condition to the success of the Goals, and the links between Goal 6 and other Goals and Targets, highlighting the link between Goals 5 and 6 in particular.
  3. Discussing practical actions that countries and development partners can take in the first 12 months after adoption of the SDGs to ensure progress on water, sanitation and hygiene, while learning from past experience and adopting an integral approach that takes into account the entire water and sanitation cycle, including domestic and industrial wastewaters.

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