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A young man collects water at the water source from a dammed water collection point in Mbagala, Kibonde Maji A Ward, Temeke Municipality, Dar es Salaam City, Tanzania – February 2015

The long and winding road – bringing water to Kibondemaji, Dar es Salaam
21 April 2017 | Priya Sippy

Collaboration and innovation are two values core to WaterAid’s work. Priya Sippy, Campaigns and Communications Manager at WaterAid Tanzania, shares frontline experience of partnership and adaptive planning in bringing water and sanitation to Kibondemaji in Dar es Salaam.

Mobile desludging tank being wheeled out of an alley in the city of Hanoi, Vietnam.Addressing the urban sanitation crisis: time for a radical shift
22 November 2016  | Andrés Hueso

The sustainable development goals have given a new impetus for cities to be inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable, ensure citizens’ health and wellbeing and secure access to sustainable water and sanitation services.

Sabina uses a hanging toilet in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Approaches for urban sanitation – which tool to choose?
5 Oct 2016 | Rémi Kaupp

Do you know your shit-flow diagram from your SaniPath? Rémi Kaupp, WaterAid UK’s Urban Sanitation Specialist, navigates the array of approaches available to today’s sanitation planners working towards solutions.

The Basti Vikas Manch at NBT Nagar, Pattigadda, assembles for a meeting.

Basti Vikas Manch: Binding Communities Together
14 Sep 2016 | Sharada Annamaraju

When the women of a small slum in Hyderabad, southern India, found their only water supply polluted by sewage and then cut off, they stood together and fought for their rights. Their efforts, and those of other groups like them, are transforming the futures of slum communities across the city. Sharada Annamaraju, Content Officer at WaterAid India, explains how.

Gandy market, Tanzania.

New research to help universal access to sanitation and hygiene in the cities of tomorrow
18 Jul 2016 | Rémi Kaupp

Rapid urbanisation without consistent expansion of sanitation and hygiene services is a growing global concern. Timeyin Uwejamomere, WaterAid’s Urban Technical Support Manager, and Aditi Chandak, Learning and Knowledge Advisor, introduce a new research project to guide the co-production of a sanitation and hygiene plan for Babati town in Tanzania, supported by the Sanitation and Hygiene Applied Research for Equity (SHARE) Consortium.

Delegates at AfWA 2016

Impressions from the African Water Association Congress
30 Mar 2016 | Rémi Kaupp

The 18th Congress of the African Water Association (AfWA 2016) in Nairobi was an opportunity for professionals in Africa’s water and sanitation sector to exchange experiences and knowledge from work ‘on the ground’. WaterAid delegates from the UK, Bangladesh and Tanzania share what they heard from the coal face.

Mattius Millinga, 51-years-old, stands next to one of the 'pajaj' vehicles that transports the gulper pump equipment, outside his house in Kigamboni Ward, Temeke Municipality, Dar es Salaam City, Tanzania - February 2015.

Learning from Tanzanian innovators
23 Mar 2016 | Rémi Kaupp

When businesses find ways to meet sanitation challenges, it is not just the owners who benefit. Meet two Tanzanian entrepreneurs who are changing the way sanitation works in Dar es Salaam.

Girish Menon

The urban sanitation business
2 Dec 2014 | Girish Menon

WaterAid UK’s Director of International Programmes Girish Menon describes how market-based approaches to sanitation could be the future of urban waste management in developing countries.

Girls washing hands outside an sanitary toilet in Pakistan

Faecal sludge management – technical developments in South Asia
12 Sep 2014 | Remi Kaupp

In urban areas, providing sanitation for all is a notoriously complex challenge. Faecal sludge management is gaining more attention as a crucial link in delivering on-site sanitation because both its collection through pit emptying and its treatment are usually expensive, neglected and poorly developed.

A woman walks to an open defecation spot in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Risking rape to reach a toilet in India's slums
9 Jan 2014 | Lousia Gosling

Lousia Gosling, Programme Manager, blogged at the Huffington Post to mark the anniversary of the death of a 23-year-old woman from Delhi in December 2012. The woman was tortured, gang raped and eventually killed by six men, sparking both national and international outrage.

Manual scavenger in India

Fighting for the end of manual scavenging
30 Sep 2013 | WaterAid India

With no choice but to manually remove human waste, hundreds of thousands of Dalits continue to struggle against the binds of a legacy that traps them in lives of poverty and prejudice.