This Christmas, as we celebrate Jesus’ birth with those closest to us, we may also be taking time to reflect on the past year.

It has been difficult; stories of political upheaval and terror attacks have left many of us feeling insecure and divided .

With this is in mind, this Christmas, we have decided to celebrate what unites us, what we all have in common, what we are all made of.


We are all 60% water. We need it to keep our hearts pumping, our brains thinking and our joints moving.

For mothers like 21-year-old Esnart who lives in Malawi, collecting clean water was a daily struggle.

Update: since the Christmas appeal Esnart's village, Vimphere, Malawi now has access to safe water.

Esnart and her son

Every day she had to wake up at 3am, strap her two-year-old son Jafali to her back, pick up her 20 litre bucket and walk out into the pitch black night, listening intently for hyenas that prowl the path. She had to do this because she had to collect water for her family. She did it even though there was no guarantee there would be water in the mud hole.

Esnart is not only made of water but courage, faith and hope for a better future for her son.

This Christmas, could your church be made of the stuff that gives not just water but also hope to people like Esnart?

Download the resources in the side bar, to inspire your congregation to fundraise for WaterAid this festive season. You can read more about Esnart’s story, display the colourful poster, share the presentation with you church and run the Sunday School activities with the children. You can also request a visit from a WaterAid ambassador, who can tell your congregation more about the difference their support will make. Download the paying in form, or pay in online when you’re ready to send in your fundraising.

Please support families like Esnart’s this Christmas, and give the greatest gift of all to communities around the world. 

Esnart and her son