Harvest safe water. Harvest hope

The worst drought in 35 years hit southern Africa last year. As water became more and more scarce, families struggled to find enough to drink. Crops withered, cattle died and food stores were empty. Around half a million people were left malnourished and hungry.

Communities in southern Zambia were some of the worst affected. Weather in Zambia, and around the world, is becoming more unpredictable. Climate change means longer droughts and more intense wet periods. Climate change is water change, and the effects are devastating.

But your congregation can help deliver clean water for people to drink and grow crops – making a long term change for good.

At WaterAid, we have more than 35 years of experience in bringing long-term sustainable water solutions to communities like Orine’s. Installing technologies like deep boreholes are a sustainable way to ensure communities have clean water even during periods of drought. 

Please help us dig more boreholes and join our harvest appeal by inspiring your congregation to fill life-giving bottles with coins.

Order your free resource pack today and help us make sure that communities in Zambia and around the world will never have to face another dry season without clean water.