This Harvest, we’re asking churches across the UK to be part of our Recipe For Life by joining together for a Harvest brunch, lunch, supper or donating the cost of your typical Sunday lunch.

Your support will help bring much-needed water to families enabling them to grow their own crops and ensuring they no longer go hungry. With enough food to eat, they can concentrate on education and livelihoods, helping them to take the first steps out of poverty.

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Churches like yours helped bring safe water to Morarano, Madagascar. 

We recently returned to Morarano and met with local mother Françoise, who explained the difference a new borehole in the village has made to her family:

“Before we used to eat just rice or cassava, sometimes we didn’t even eat as there was nothing. But when water came to our village, I started growing green leafy vegetables. Now we always have something to eat – we can have rice with a variety of vegetables. It’s really changing our lives, so I would like to thank God and to those people abroad who funded the project. Be blessed all!”

 Sazy, with one of her boys, Loni, seven years old, proud to show their huge pumpkins.

Harvest recipe for life

Meet the villagers

Welcome to Apechoroit, Uganda

Many people in the area have very little to eat. They would love to grow more crops and vegetables for food, but growing crops also needs water, which they don't have enough of even for drinking.

Aleper collecting water

Aleper’s closest water source is the River Amaler, about one and a half kilometres away. Aleper makes the journey to collect water with her eldest daughter, Teko Helen, three times a day. They cannot bring enough water back from the river to irrigate their crops.

The children eating lunch

Aleper Lilian’s children struggle to have enough food to eat a meal each day. Here the children eat the leaves from the Ekorete tree, because that’s all they could find to eat.

Akol Catherine watering her crops

Akol Catherine has safe water in the village, meaning she can grow cassavas and other vegetables for her family. Her children go to school, have full bellies, and lots of energy to play and learn.

Akol harvesting cassava from her garden, Karamoja region, Uganda

The plan

With help from churches across the UK, we will transform the village with a new borehole, bringing safe water to the whole community. This will give them enough water to grow crops of nutritious vegetables, ensuring their families no longer go hungry.

Watch this inspiring film about life in Uganda.