Meet Dave

Dave has been supporting WaterAid since he retired. As well as campaigning, volunteering with our Sheffield local group and joining the team at Glastonbury, Dave also volunteers at his local church and with the RSPB.

How did you get involved with WaterAid?

After I retired, I didn't want to sit back and do nothing – I wanted to do something useful. Having worked for HSBC I knew about their Water Programme with WaterAid and I was aware there was a worldwide water crisis, I just didn't realise the number of people without access to water and sanitation.

I checked the WaterAid website and they were looking for people to join their speaker programme. I had done presentations at work and really enjoyed them, so I thought I could get involved!

Why did you choose to support WaterAid?

It's an amazing and fundamental cause to support. I was also impressed with the way WaterAid operate and how they ensure what they deliver is sustainable, with an ongoing programme of monitoring. I was confident it was a good, well-respected charity that would use people's money wisely.

How did you get involved with campaigning?

As well as speaking to individuals, I knew that getting the message across to government and politicians was important, so I signed up to WaterAid's How to influence your MP training course.

After that I contacted my MP - who was Nick Clegg at the time - explaining that I would be happy to talk to him at one of his surgeries. You can imagine my surprise when his secretary phoned and asked if I could meet him at 8.30am the following morning!

WaterAid gave me pointers for the meeting, which went really well, and last September I handed the Everyone Everywhere petition to Mr Clegg with 77,000 signatures on it.

How did your first WaterAid talk go?

The first talk was actually my favourite, I had such a positive reaction! All the kids were really responsive and asked lots of interesting questions, and after I left the school they brainstormed ideas for raising money for WaterAid.

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