Meet David

David is a retired Anglian Water scientist and volunteer speaker for WaterAid. He is also a magistrate and has a PHD in Limnology - the science of fresh water, rivers and lakes. David is an active walker as well as being the chairman of his local Horticultural Society.

How did you first become involved with WaterAid?

My first degree was in Chemistry, my PHD is in Limnology and I was a water industry scientist – so I have always had a real interest in water quality and health-related issues. I have supported WaterAid since the beginning, 1981, when I was working for Anglian Water and was part of the employee lottery scheme for WaterAid.

Do you have any favourite memories from your talks?

One of my favourite moments was during a talk to a primary school. A young girl asked me what I thought was the most precious resource, a bag of diamonds or a bottle of water? I said, "Imagine you are in a desert, miles from anywhere, and you could either be rich for a day or two until you die of thirst, or you could survive with the much needed water. What would you chose?" At that point the whole school erupted in discussion, it was a magical moment!

What was your most moving moment from a talk?

A moving moment was also in a primary school soon after major floods in Bangladesh. A young pupil said his uncle had drunk some water contaminated by the floods, become sick with cholera and died. There was complete silence in the room. I quote this regularly in my talks to schools.

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