Meet Gary

Gary works for HSBC in the East Midlands. As well as being a WaterAid speaker, he volunteers for the HSBC Ability Network, which focuses on the issues faced by people with a disability and their carers.

How did you get involved with WaterAid?
Since 2012 HSBC has been funding the HSBC Water Programme. It introduced me to the issue of water poverty and I felt this was the right place to start making a difference.

At the same time my son went on a school trip to Ghana, which really inspired him. Many of the pupils he met didn’t have access to safe water, so they would fill their water bottles at school and take them home. My son took over a collection of plastic bottles to give to the pupils.

What inspires you to volunteer with WaterAid?
Reading stories about the impact of collecting water and the time it takes people, and the realisation that while they are doing this, it's preventing them from making other contributions to the success of their communities.

What’s been your favourite experience of giving a talk?
At a breakfast meeting once, I made a comment about what could be achieved just for the price of the food everyone had eaten that morning. Being a guest I hadn't paid, so I offered £20 as a donation to WaterAid and challenged them to consider following suit – and many did!