Meet Ivan

Ivan works for Northumbrian Water. He is a volunteer speaker and campaigner and has organised a large number of WaterAid fundraising events, from charity balls to race days. He is also a volunteer coach at his local community football club.

How did you first get involved with WaterAid?

I got involved over ten years ago with the Great North Run and regional fundraising events. Then four years ago I joined the WaterAid committee at Northumbrian Water as Vice Chair and became more involved with coordinating activities, as well as fundraising.

Locally I project manage some of our WaterAid events, including our charity ball, cricket event and race day. It's a really enjoyable role and incredibly satisfying knowing that the money raised is going to such a good cause!

How have you been supporting WaterAid's campaigning?

In the last three years I've worked with WaterAid's campaigns team in the London office, assisting in a strategic role in advocacy at a national and local level. I've attended political party conferences and tried to get the message across to politicians in an innovative way. I've also had meetings with MPs to discuss what WaterAid are doing and inspired my local MPs to support our cause.

What is it about WaterAid that inspires you?

It was quite tough for my family when I was growing up and I've always wanted to help people who faced similar circumstances. When I joined the water industry and learnt about WaterAid I realised how lucky I was. Lots of my colleagues have been on trips and shared their experiences and stories of what real hardship is.

I think it's great that I can do something to make a difference and I feel there is still more to do. I believe it's so important to share the message of WaterAid's work.

Could you become a speaker? We're currently recruiting for new, inspiring ambassadors to join our Speaker Network. We only ask that you're comfortable speaking in public and that you're passionate about what we do. Download the role description or email us for more information at [email protected]