Meet Pete

Pete is a speaker and schools workshop volunteer, as well as the Coordinator for WaterAid’s local group in Dorset. He is also treasurer for his local community hospital charity and enjoys singing and bird watching in his spare time.

How did you first get involved with WaterAid?

I saw the advertising for WaterAid in the 1990s and felt it was a fundamental requirement for everyone to have access to water. So I supported the cause as an individual donor, then when I retired I sent them a letter with a list of my skills, asking if there was anything I could do to help.  

WaterAid then contacted me and asked if I would like to form a local group. We started with three people initially, and when this developed I took on the role of Coordinator. We held a barn dance as our first event and I wanted to speak about WaterAid in the break. I found out I could train as a speaker to do this, so I signed up!

What do you enjoy about your roles with WaterAid?

I really enjoy working as part of the local group. We raise considerable donations and awareness, both of which help make a real difference to WaterAid's work.

Do you have a favourite moment from a WaterAid talk?

I really enjoy the quality of silence, when the listener's attention has been grabbed by your talk and you know they are right there with you. I feel we sometimes forget what luxuries we have, when so many people are struggling to survive. In that moment, everyone is in tune with the message.  

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