To help you prepare your talk, we have put together a selection of links and resources, and a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section. We want to make sure these resources are as useful as possible, so if you think that something is missing please let us know.

Generating talks in your area

We really appreciate the work that speakers do to spread the word about WaterAid within local communities. To help to open even more doors for us, please do request posters, business cards, template emails and other resources from us to highlight the fantastic work that you do and to advertise your services! Why not put up a poster in your local post office or supermarket? 


If you collect any donations at your talks, please send them to:
WaterAid, 2nd Floor, 47-49 Durham Street, London, SE11 5JD. 

Cheques can be sent directly in the post, and any cash can be paid in to WaterAid's bank account, the details of which can be found on the Paying In form for speakers (Word 62KB).

Please return this form to WaterAid every time you send in a donation from a talk. 

It is really important that any donations you collect at WaterAid talks are sent here immediately, rather than banked elsewhere, so that the group can be thanked by WaterAid within three working days, and so that the Community Fundraising Team can work to offer support for any future fundraising the group may wish to do, and can work to build and develop these relationships so that groups can become long term supporters. Thank you.


  1. Can I claim expenses?
    Yes: you can claim mileage if you drive to talks, and public transport expenses. Please download and complete our Speakers Expense Claim Form (Excel, 146KB) and send it with valid receipts.

  2. Can I generate talks in my area?
    Yes: we actively encourage speakers to do so. WaterAid speakers are invaluable to WaterAid, especially due to their ability to open doors for us in their local area. See the information above and contact us for more information or resources.

  3. Why do I need to feed back?
    Receiving feedback from our speakers and their audiences is integral to the success of the Speaker Network. For us feedback is not about checking up on speakers, but rather us being able to support them and to maximise their efforts by building relationships with the groups they are speaking too. We use the feedback to:
    - report on the success of the Speaker network
    - avoid duplication
    - make the most of the doors you've opened for us
    - let you know about your successes
    - understand what resources and training we might need to produce
    - improve the support we give you
    - ensure that potential supporters have a really positive experience of WaterAid

  4. Where do I feed back? Please fill in the speaker feedback form.