Business continuity

Information for UK staff for Monday 7 March 2016

Fixed wire remedial works will happen on the weekend of 5 March. Generators will be used during the weekend rather than conducting a full power down so that we can maintain our servers and all online services will be unaffected.

IS will be on site on Saturday and it is expected that the work will be carried out in one day but it is possible that it will extend into Sunday. We do not expect there to be an issue on Monday 7 March, however, as with everything of this nature there is a small possibility that we could have issues with some online services should things not go according to plan.

To ensure you can get onto email please make sure that you have the log in details for Office 365 written down, in your mobile or personal email: – to log in you will need to enter the first seven letters of your name followed by For example, [email protected] followed by your normal log in password.

Keep an eye on this page for further updates.