An update from Burkina Faso

Last October, I saw for myself just how challenging it is to live in Imbina, in Burkina Faso. Dry seasons of up to eight months mean water supplies gradually disappear. People have to choose between giving water to their children to drink, or to their precious cattle that they depend on for their livelihoods.

Since I visited, WaterAid has launched a life-changing new project, called Project Sahel. For the first time, Imbina and other remote and drought-prone communities will be able to understand and control their water resources, and make their supplies last over several months without rainfall.

Click here read my full email conversation about Project Sahel with our Programme Manager in Burkina Faso, Lucien Damiba.

Lucien has also created a special document about Imbina’s new water monitors, and the vital role they’ll be playing. Do take a look at the full document by clicking here.

Project Sahel update

This innovative work will transform the lives of people in Imbina for generations to come, and it’s all thanks to the support of people like you.

Thank you,


Development Manager - Special Projects