Your donation will mean so much to a child like Erika

It's a fact that almost 900 children die every day because they lack safe water and sanitation.

But it's not just about saving lives. We know water changes everything. With access to clean, safe water and sanitation, whole communities can take the first steps out of poverty.

Erika is 12. She lives in Mbalawala Village in Tanzania. She used to get up at 4am and walk two hours to fetch water.

WaterAid worked in her village for two years. Now Erika’s world is changing, for the better.

"If I still had dirty water I wouldn’t be going to school anymore”, she says. “I probably wouldn’t have had any real education at all. Also, most of my friends would probably have died from the diseases we used to get. Life would be miserable.

"I feel I can at last look forward to a brighter future. Perhaps I will be a health and hygiene teacher when I leave school."

Be part of the world that children like Erika should be looking forward to.