There are so many reasons that toilets are brilliant, and deserve our praise.

People like Jérémie and Baowendsom in Burkina Faso don’t need convincing about the importance of a toilet.

Living without a toilet, they've had to relieve themselves outside their home. This means no privacy, and a constant risk of disease, especially for baby Isaac whose tiny body is more vulnerable to germs.

Baowendsom explains, “Having a toilet to ourselves would mean having a cleaner environment and a safer life.”

Your support can help provide families like Jérémie and Baowendsom's with the materials they need to build their own loo, keeping them safe and healthy for years to come.

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Jeremie and his family
When Jérémie’s wife and baby got sick with diarrhoea at the same time, he couldn’t afford to pay for treatment for both of them.