Can you imagine life without safe water to drink?

Until recently, that was the reality for the residents of Lovasoa, a remote village in Madagascar.

Every day, women and children used to walk miles to collect dirty water to drink, cook and wash with. Until now.

“It’s unbelievable,” says 28 year-old Meltine. “A few hours ago I was on my way back home after fetching dirty water from far away. Now I’m turning on a tap. Life can be changed in one day!”

For the people of Lovasoa, clean water means better health. It means more time spent in school, because children get ill less often. And it means more time and energy for women and girls who no longer have to walk for water.

Today one in ten people are still living without safe water.

But your support could help change everything for a community – in a single day.

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