Your promise of clean water can change children’s lives forever.

When we met her in Sierra Leone, Jita was walking miles every day to collect dirty water to drink.

It’s shocking but almost 900 children will die today from drinking dirty water and having poor sanitation. And it’ll happen again tomorrow. But your promise to donate to WaterAid every month can help to unlock the promise of so many things. We call this the ripple effect, where each ripple brings incredible change:

  • With a hand pump in their village, children like Jita don’t have to trek for miles to collect dirty water.
  • When children don’t have to trek miles for water, they have more time to study.
  • With more time to study, children can get an education.
  • With an education, children can gain the skills to earn a living when they grow up.
  • When they grow up, they can be free of poverty.
Jita carries a bucket of water on her head she has collected from an unprotected spring

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