Your gift could provide Carla and her family with safe water all year round.

Carla and her daughter Caricia live in the remote coastal community of Wawa Bar in Nicaragua.

With no safe water supply, they have to dig into the sandy ground to find anything to drink. The water they find there is dirty and salty, and causes health problems like dehydration and kidney failure.

When it rains, the ground floods and the water becomes contaminated, which can cause severe diarrhoea and vomiting.

That’s why having access to clean, safe water is so important to Carla and her family. “If we have clean water here the children will grow up with better health,” she says.

Our Nicaragua team are planning work with local partners to build rainwater harvesting tanks to catch rainwater and store it safely for use throughout the year. 

By giving a gift today, you have can help ensure Wawa Bar is ready for the rain, turning a family’s most deadly threat into a wonderful, life-changing solution.

Caricia at her home in Nicaragua
Carla and her daughter Caricia at home in Wawa Bar in Nicaragua, 2015.