Zafu is just six years old

Every day she walks for hours to collect water for her family. Once full, the barrel on her back weighs over 30lbs. But she has no choice. The water she collects is often dirty, containing germs and parasites that could cause deadly diseases such as typhoid, cholera and schistosomiasis. Just drinking it is a deadly lottery. Around 2,000 children a day die from dirty water and poor sanitation. A clean water supply would help these children survive.

How you can help

If you give as little as £2 a month, you will help children like Zafu to escape from the pain of collecting heavy barrels of dirty water, and the life-threatening risks associated with drinking it. You'll be giving them real hope for the future. Your support won't just help save lives: a world where everyone, everywhere has clean water and safe sanitation will be healthier, better nourished, better educated, more equal and more productive. For the first time in history, we know it's within reach - but we can't achieve it without your help.

What your gift will achieve

With your support we can help children like Zafu by building wells and installing pumps, pipes and taps. Technologies like these will bring clean, safe water to communities and give them and their children hope for the future. This is always backed up by the promotion of good hygiene, making sure that the health benefits of safe water and sanitation are maximised.