Anisha lives in Mirchaiya, a village in Nepal, where life is a daily fight for clean water.

Several times a day Anish pulls up heavy jerry cans of dirty water from a well on the border of her village. When this water dries up in the dry season, she has to travel for hours to the river, where she collects water by digging holes with her hands in the sandy banks.

Anisha regularly misses school because she has to fetch water or is too sick from drinking the dirty water she collects. What’s more, she isn’t alone. This is just the norm for children in Mirchaiya.

Samjhana also lives in Nepal and faces the same struggle for water as Anisha.

A simple solution

The solution is simple. By installing deep boreholes that will tap into the lowest groundwater levels, water can be piped into the village and Anisha can have clean water all year-round.

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