Dress in blue, paint yourself blue, decorate your school or office blue, bake blue cakes, drink blue drinks... sing the blues! We don't mind how you do it – just go blue.

We'll be shouting loud and proud on Wednesday 22 March. Why? Because it's World Water Day, and we're celebrating the nine in ten people that have access to safe water. We need your help to reach the last ten percent, so jump aboard the blue bandwagon.

Go blue in any way you like and show your support for World Water Day. It's a small ask for a big cause.

People around the world go #Blue4WaterPeople around the world go #Blue4Water in 2016.

Three easy actions to spread the ripples of change

We've made it super simple to be a part of World Water Day and make a difference, so there's no excuse not to join in!

If you have 30 seconds...
Get on social media and tell the world why you're Blue4Water. Use the hashtag #Blue4Water to spread the blue love!

If you have 3 minutes...
Coerce your mates into donning blue for the day, or go a step further and smurf-it-up!

If you have 3 hours...
Organise a Blue4Water event (think blue cake sale, blue office, swimathon). Check out our fundraising toolkit for more ideas >

Whether you're flying solo or part of a team, we've got all the resources to help you go #Blue4Water!

What resources do you need?

Pupils at Guse Primary School, Tanzania


Challenge your school to go as blue as possible this World Water Day. Here are all the tools you'll need to kickstart the fun and games.

Turn your school blue >